Hives and Honey!

Our hand made hives and raw honey are now available through Indianapolis’ only urban homesteading shop, Agrarian!  This shop is bringing all things homesteading to the city and helping to increase interest in growing your own.  They also host classes on different topics from beekeeping to soapmaking.  You can “like” their facebook page at here!

glass honey 12 oz


Indy Urban Bees was started by myself and my father on the east side of Indianapolis.  We keep top bar hives because they are a more natural method of beekeeping and although they do not yield the large amounts of honey that can be harvested from other hives they are healthier for the bees. One of our goals is to increase the number of honeybees in the city by getting more people to keep bees and also by partnering with local businesses to place hives on the roofs of their buildings.

When we started keeping bees we found that not many people are familiar with top bar hives so my father, who is a carpenter by trade, decided to start making top bar hives so that we can spread their use and make them more common.  We will be offering hives and bees for sale as well as educational opportunities.  If you have any questions or comments for us please feel free to contact us!